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Some of My Favorites Since my Lifestyle Change January 8, 2012

There are some go-to items that I could not live without now, and I thought I would share some with you.

1.  Walden Farms – – the Walden Farms items are free….completely and totally free!  No calories, fat, carbs, gluten, or sugars of any kind.  Now, let me tell you….if you are eating sweets all the time and try these products, you will not like them.  You need to be already in the process of changing your tastes first before you try these items.  I have a few of the salad dressings, I also keep the packets of salad dressings in my purse in case I want to go out to eat and the restaurant I am at does not have any healthy dressings.  I also have the caramel sauce and the chocolate sauce.  I have heard the peanut butter is gross.  Never tried it myself, hearing that from a few other people was enough to make me not try it.  Sometimes the local grocery stores carry the salad dressings, I also have found that amazon is a good place to get many of the items.

2.  PB2 – – This stuff is so cool!  It is made out of peanuts that are ground super fine and then all the fat is taken out of it.  Then what is left is the powder which is sheer yumminess!  It is a protein and not a fat because of the fat being sucked out.  The website has all the nutrition info.  You reconstitute it with water, so you can make it thin like an icing or thick for a sandwich.  I prefer taking a tablespoon and just sucking it off the spoon!  They also have PB2 chocolate….yes peanut butter with chocolate flavoring in it.  Deliciousness!

3.  Magic Pop – – This is a new one.  I went to the grocery store last night to pick up a few of my staples (carrots, bananas, veggie burgers) and heard this weird noise.  I found  this woman in the grocery store behind a sheet of glass as these thin discs were being literally SHOT out of this machine.  So, I go over to inspect.  There are samples, and since I see a sign that says 15 calories….I cannot resist.  They are very light.  The disc is about 6 inches wide.  Just go to the website, they have pictures.  I imagine the cinnamon ones with a drizzle of WF chocolate sauce and the onion ones dipped into some eggplant and garlic spread.  Only bad thing is they are not at my local grocery store so I am going to have to drive a bit for these.  I bought three bags, the lady told me they stay good for 45 days.  I doubt they will be in my house that long.

4.  Ron and Franks beverages – – I found these items last year at a craft show.  They are hot chocolate mixes made with splenda.  They also have teas, chai teas, cold beverages like pina colada, cappuccino, and some baking items all made with splenda.  I have ordered from their website and they arrive quickly and are packaged perfectly.  They even come with the little scooper so no measuring!  I love the dark chocolate, the coconut hot chocolate, and the pina colada cold drink mix.  Make sure you choose the ones with splenda because they have both sweetened with sugar and sweetened with splenda.  I am sitting here right now drinking a cup of coffee with a scoop of dark chocolate hot chocolate in it.  Tastes like a cafe mocha!

As I find more, new things, I will keep adding them!  Also, if you have any favorites, please share with me!  I am always looking for new things to try to keep my meals, snacks, etc. fresh and not boring!



One Response to “Some of My Favorites Since my Lifestyle Change”

  1. thirtystory Says:

    I’ve heard good things about the PB2 – glad to hear another positive review. My boss just brought in the Walden Farms dressing yesterday and she said it was really tasty to not really have anything in it 🙂 Great resources!

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