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Don’t Forget About Non-Scale Victories June 4, 2014

non scale

Sometimes when the scale seems to be slowing down as it has for me lately, I need to remind myself of changes that are not necessarily being  represented by the numbers on the scale.  These non-scale victories are what keeps me motivated and encouraged.   Here are some  that I have experienced as of lately:

1.  I bought new underware….at Victoria’s Secret.  They are not even the biggest size that they carry.  That was huge for me, I used to not even be able to step into that place.

2.  I shopped last week and bought some things from H&M, once again not the biggest size they carry, and they are cute, trendy things that I have  been dying to buy.

3.  I am out of plus sizes for just about everything now. I even fit into a size 14 jean jacket, which I bought of course 🙂

4.  I used to be able to do 5 minutes on the stair treadmill (see stair “dread”mill post here).  I can now do 20.  I still hate it and I still want to die, but I can do it.

5.  I have increased my weight in every single one of my weight lifting exercises.  That makes me feel pretty damn badass, especially when I am doing weights that are as heavy as some of the men at the gym.

6.  My endurance is definitely increasing.  When I began I could hardly do 5 minutes on the elliptical (see elliptical issues here).  My pace was under 3.5 mph.  I can now do interval on level 6 at a pace between 5.5 and 6 mph.

7.  I have learned how to push myself and I know now I won’t die doing it.  That is a major difference from before.  Last time I lost the weight, it took  a lot longer, mostly because once my heart rate got higher, I stopped working as hard.  Now, I am going….”balls to the wall”….every day.  Sweat dripping down my face, down my shirt, on the floor….and I LOVE IT!

8.  People tell me I am  an inspiration.  Wasn’t what I was going for,  but it has definitely helped my motivation, so now spread the word.  The more people  I feel the need to be accountable to, the better.

9.  Small thigh gap.

10.  My BMI has gone from a 49 to a 35.1.

11.  I am happier.  All the time.

12.  I am more confident.  I no longer feel like that fat girl walking into a room and  wondering what people think about me.  I feel “normal”.

13.  My kids and husband are proud of me.

14.  I don’t sweat as much when I am just doing regular things (not working out) basically because my body isn’t having to work as hard to move it around.

15.  Although the scale says I still have some more weight to lose, I can see  the light at the end of the tunnel, and I am now starting to research maintenance.  I have never felt that close to my goal before to even contemplate how to keep it off once I am done losing.  My life has been either a period of gaining or losing.  Never maintaining.

I am sure I could think of more, but this is a pretty good start.  Remember, the scale does not tell you everything about your journey.  While you are working on this new lifestyle, you are also getting stronger, healthier and learning to life in a way that will allow you to not just exist, but enjoy your life!


I Did It! March 10, 2012

I was nervous and excited but I did it!! Finished my first 5K in approximately 41 minutes. Official time to be posted as soon as I know it!
It was amazing. I started to tear up as I crossed the finish line. Seven months have brought a lot of change for me both mentally and physically. I know I can accomplish my goals now physically. I’ve been able to do that professionally but always feared the physical part. I know now I am strong. I can push past the hurt. I can be a runner. I pushed myself today and took at least two minutes off of my usual time.
I also saw Adrian there who was running the ten miler (maybe next year). She is beautiful! I feel like a bumbling idiot around her. Dear Lord she is like a model!!
It felt great. I am so proud of myself. I know my gram would be too.
Oh by the way….darn am I sore!!! Holy crap. 🙂





I’m here!!!

Well I just got here. 90 minutes before it starts because I’m a dork!! I’m waiting for my best friend and thought I’d share a picture of what I am looking at as my heart is pounding and I feel a little like I wanna throw up 🙂



Day After Tomorrow March 8, 2012

So the day after tomorrow is my 5K. This was a goal of mine back in August when I began losing weight and changing my lifestyle. I have no doubt that I will be able to finish it. I typically try and do 2.5-3 miles each time I run. However I am apprehensive about my time. Right now I am averaging a 14 minute mile and cannot seem to get past that. I was really frustrated on Tuesday when I went to the track and did 2.5 miles in 36 minutes. I am learning how mental of a sport running is. The ability to psych yourself out of pushing, running longer, etc. is amazing to me. I am going to hope and pray that the excitement of race day helps to push me longer and harder than usual.
If nothing else I have so much to be thankful for. The sheer ability to be able to complete 2.5-3 miles a few times a week is absolutely incredible compared to my couch potato lifestyle of 7 months ago. I’m proud of myself regardless. I really want to become a runner. I like how it makes me feel. I need to push past the frustration and keep working at it.
I will let you know how Saturday goes!


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