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Exercise December 31, 2011

I was a self-proclaimed couch potato for years.  I hated aerobics, classes, working out, sweating in general.  I never was athletic in school, and as I gained weight, my ability to do anything physical became harder and harder.  Walking took effort, and I was embarrassed to admit that even climbing the stairs winded me.  The thought of regular exercise as part of my lifestyle change was going to be a tough one to overcome.

About a month into my healthy eating change my best friend (who has also lost a lot of weight and looks amazing) invited me to come to the gym with her.  She belonged to Planet Fitness and said it was a really nice gym.  So I went……

The first time on the treadmill, I was barely able to go 2.5 mph, and then she made me jog for a minute.  I thought I was going to DIE.  I had not moved my legs that fast in YEARS.  I was huffing and puffing and really considering just falling down and letting the treadmill shoot me off the back and into the weight machines.  But as I watched the seconds add and that magic number….58….59…60….arrive, I was amazed that I did it.

My best friend, Deana, has become a runner.  She has completed numerous 5K’s and also a 10K and is planning on doing the half marathon in Pittsburgh this spring.  I NEVER and I mean NEVER thought there would ever be a day I would run.  I used to joke that I would run for chocolate or if someone was chasing me with a knife, and even then it depended on the size of the knife.

I went home that day with a new attitude.  I saw running as something I could possibly do.  Slowly.  Deana was a huge source of encouragement.  I love her to death and really wouldn’t be doing so much of this without her support and encouragement.  She is amazing, and my best friend in the whole wide world.

I started looking over beginning runner websites, also looking to see if overweight people can run without killing themselves or doing serious damage to their bodies.  What I found was basically saying….go slow, take it easy, listen to your body, and yes, you can run.  I also found the program couch to 5K and thought….hmm…maybe I will do this.  For some reason the motivation of a personal intrinsic challenge was something I had never done before but maybe wanted to try.

In addition to this new interest in running, I also kept going to the gym.  Joined even.  Did some cardio every day along with strength training on the weight machines.  I saw the weight coming off at an even faster rate, and was starting to enjoy it and …..gasp….enjoy sweating.  What the heck was happening to me???


Happy New Year!

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Although this blog is brand spanking new, to those who stumble upon it I wish you a safe, healthy, and happy 2012!

As we begin yet another year, consider the following quotes….will this be your year?  Will you live your life OUT LOUD?





The Blogging World

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Wow, I love being online and just browsing the web.  Stumble Upon is a great thing and I have spent many an hour just perusing websites.  I have to say, this whole blogging thing is pretty new to me and I am enjoying posting.  I am also loving finding other blogs which inspire me like the one I mentioned earlier (  Here is another one which I am only starting to dig into, but seems really inspiring.

Can You Stay for Dinner?



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Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I lost about 5 more pounds.  It was a tough month.  I was extremely busy with my kids and their activities, school functions that I had to attend, and shopping and preparing for the holiday.  I was only able to make it to the gym maybe twice a week, which really had an affect on my loss.  I finally have it in my thick head that exercise is a NECESSITY and has to be done EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE in order to lose and keep weight off.  I finally see the skinny girls at the gym and realize there is a reason they are SKINNY and at the GYM.  It is not like you see all the skinny girls at McDonald’s and the fat girls at the gym, right?

Anyways, so this next picture is a week before Christmas when I had to attend our school’s Christmas dance.  I had bought a new dress (size XL, not 3XL mind you) and I finally felt like I looked good (with the help of some spanx, but who is counting).  I am down about 60 pounds in these pictures.




Thanksgiving Day – About 55 Pounds Lost

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Week in Disney WHILE Trying to Lose Weight!

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Talk about HARD!  I planned and planned for this trip.  I had to go as a chaperone on our school’s band trip.  I did a TON of walking every day, and was able to eat really healthy.  I used a dining app on my phone to look and see where I could eat and see what places had healthy choices.  I was so excited to say that upon my return, I had lost about 6 pounds!!!  Just goes to show that Disney can be done without having to gain weight.  (And this included a lunch at Emeril’s Restaurant complete with cheesecake for dessert, my one splurge!)

Here are some pics of my trip!





(Notice I am finally able to take more pictures of myself without hating them!)


First Pics of Weight Loss

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When I had lost about 37 pounds, we had a family wedding to attend.  Here are a few pics of me at that point.  (Check out the shoes….LOVE THEM!!)



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