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Saturday Night Shopping January 22, 2012

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Yes, I spent my Saturday night at the grocery store. However I got some awesome items I wanted to share! Took a pic of everything I got. Why can’t Magic Pop be at my local grocery store??? I have to drive 40 minutes to get some, so I stocked up! Also, trying some new kinds of hummus and veggie burgers. I will update on their status soon!
Overall a very good trip! Lots of yummy healthy food choices AND two pair of pants and two blazers in a size 16 and large!!! Haven’t seen that size since college!!!



Back in the Game January 21, 2012

So I had gained about five pounds while in the keys and I am proud to say they are officially back off my butt! Less than one week of healthy choices and moving my butt and I am back in the game again with a total loss of 67.6, my highest loss to date.
I cannot tell you how good it feels to be able to keep at this. After so many tries and failed attempts at losing weight, this time I KNOW I am going to do this!!!!


Post Workout Treat

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So this is my new post workout treat. I am a reformed Starbucks addict, sometimes spending over half my days calories and fat grams on a java chip mocha frappachino! Now I get a medium Wendy’s iced coffee. Sugar free vanilla syrup and two splendas added and NO CREAM!! Calorie free and yummy!!!



Dissertation and Motivation January 20, 2012

In May, I will be returning to school to complete a doctoral program in the area of Educational Administration and Leadership. The biggest part of this program, aside from the coursework, is the dissertation, which to be quite honest, scares the crap out of me.  When I went for my orientation and interview process, the recommendation of the faculty was to begin reading topics that interest us…finding anything and everything I can get my hands on.

Initially I began to research the topic of bullying and relational aggression (girl bullying) because both are something I feel very strongly about.  Never really having a ton of self-confidence myself, and never really feeling like my body was like anyone else’s (which is why I allowed all the weight to come on in the first place, just from thinking, “Oh, I am already fat, who cares if I eat this cake”….even when I was not) I was subject to some bullying early on in junior high and early high school.  It was only after I met my husband the summer before ninth grade that I allowed myself to think I was pretty and worthwhile.

However, as I began my journey of changing my lifestyle, I realized that I needed not only the motivation to work hard now, but also forever.  My mind began to race with the thoughts of how the heck am I going to stay interested in eating healthy, exercise, weight loss, weight maintenance, etc. for the rest of my life.

That was when I had my Ah-Ha Moment.

What if there is a correlation between being healthy, exercise, weight loss, and self-esteem, body image, and even…..the way a person/student reacts to and deals with bullying?

So now I am asking all of you….the readers…to help me out.  Please, if you know of any good reads, good articles, good websites, ANYTHING on this topic, send it my way.

I eventually would love to create a program at my school for overweight students, helping them to get their lives back when they are still young.  Helping them to see what they are missing now, and not twenty years from now.  Realizing that they can overcome the fear of making changes and not allow their doubts to run their lives.  Seeing me, an almost-40-year-old woman do it herself.  Begin to run…ok, run/walk….and feel stronger and better about herself than she has in years and years.

I want to share that success with everyone, inspire everyone to live their best life.  What better way to motivate myself than to motivate others.  What better way to stay motivated than to spend the next 3-5 years of my life on the topics which I am passionate about….our youth, exercise, healthy choices, and living life to its fullest.

Yes, I think I am on the path to a dissertation topic.



Bike Ride on the Island January 19, 2012

Never thought I would be able to do this.  What is so nice is my husband is very active and now I can finally enjoy doing these types of things with him.  We had a great time, and I got a pretty good workout in the process!



Weekend Away

I know I haven’t posted for a while, and I apologize but……I was spending the weekend NOT in cold Pittsburgh, PA but in KEY WEST, FLORIDA!!!  My wonderful husband surprised me with a trip there for the long weekend for my 40th birthday which is in a few weeks.  We had an amazing time!  Of course it was hard to make completely healthy choices while I was away, but I did manage to exercise two of the three days we were there.  The food was delicious, and one thing which is so different this time around is now I know I can indulge every once in a while and just get back on the wagon when the day (or weekend) is over.  Yes, I gained 5 pounds.  Yes, I was disappointed, but this was a once in a lifetime trip and I was not going to not enjoy it.

This lifestyle change is not about being without things, or giving up something forever.  It is about moderation.  Exercise.  Knowing that if you do enjoy a piece of Key Lime Pie (or two) that you need to move your butt the next day.  It is about knowing that living a healthy lifestyle means living life to its fullest, and being  able to enjoy all that life has to offer.



Plateau Be Gone! January 13, 2012

This week has been crazy with work and family things going on, so this is the first I have been able to take a moment and write anything.  I had been dealing with a .5 up and down plateau for about two weeks, which was my first really long period of time to stay at the same weight.  I kept weighing myself almost daily, which I usually never do, but I just wanted to see a change.  I kept to my program, and increased the exercise, but still nothing.

This week, I have not made it to the gym once.  It has just been one of those weeks.  Wouldn’t you know, I go and weigh myself yesterday and I lost three pounds!  Yahoo!  I guess my body just needed something mixed up there to begin to readjust itself.  Whatever it is, I will take it!


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