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Fitbit Force February 1, 2014

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Hi everyone!  I purchased a fitbit Force right after Christmas and wanted to give you a rundown on it once I used it for a while.  Well, I am loving it!  The force displays the time, steps taken, miles moved, active minutes, calories burned, flights of stairs climbed, and sleep patterns.  You can also use the correlating app or webpage to set daily goals, input calories, track weight, foods, exercise, water intake, and other things, as well as connect with other fitbit users.

What is has done for me:

Made me see when I need to move more.

Made me see and understand my calorie intake versus output (yes, you burn calories as you sleep!).

Allow me to set goals appropriate for my personal growth.

Constant reminder on my wrist to move more and be healthier.

Saw my sleep patterns, better understanding of that part of my life.

Finally, a weekly email is sent to you displaying your weekly stats.  This is my favorite part.  Take a look at one of my emails:


I love the calorie intake vs. outtake!  Talk about motivation!

Do you have a fitbit?  What do you like about it?  Dislikes?  Anyone use another type of activity tracker?


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