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Almost Halfway There January 1, 2012

I guess I started this blog a little late in my journey, and I feel like I have some catching up to do for all of you.  My goal weight that I want to reach is 165 pounds.  I am 5’7″ tall and one month shy of 40 years old.  Who knows, maybe once I reach that weight I will change my goal, but for now I am sticking to it.

I found this site for choosing a goal weight, Set a Realistic “Ideal Weight” Goal for Your Body.  When I had tried other programs, the goal weight I needed to reach always seemed go unattainable, that it frustrated me and seemed hopeless.

Anyways, my starting weight was 303.2 and I want to get to 165.  So doing the math, that’s 138.2 pounds to lose.  I have lost 64.4 as of today so 69.1 is my halfway park and I am almost there in just about 5 months.  Not too shabby.

Here are a list of things that I have noticed since I began this journey:

1.  I have gone from a size 26 pants to a size 18

2.  I have gone from a 24 shirt(3XL) to an XL, and my bra size was a 44C and is now a 40C

3.  When I flew to Disney in November, I fastened the seatbelt with no problem and could even pull it tighter.  I was always so scared I was going to need a seatbelt extender and sometimes that damn belt was so tight across my lap I am sure it was screaming inside.

4.  I think once I am done, I am going to have to have a tummy tuck.  I already have a lot of loose skin from losing the initial weight.  I have never had any type of surgery before, but if I work this hard to lose this weight, I sure as heck want to get rid of the excess skin once I am done.

5.  My husband is way more affectionate and touchy.  He has always been supportive of me no matter what, but I can tell he is much happier since I have changed my lifestyle.  I guess I am too….maybe that helped 🙂

6.  My kids are  proud of me.

7.  I feel pretty.  I feel more confident.  I feel like I can finally do things I never would have done before.  I am going to start doing them this year.

8.  I have lost a total of 35 inches from my starting measurements to my current ones.

9.  My body is always sore.  However, the soreness is from working out and not from just not moving.  It is a good kind of sore I am getting used to.  This is NOT a complaint, it is a fact and one I am far happier with than the soreness I used to have.

10.  I  no longer have to shop in plus size stores.  I refuse to step foot back into Lane Bryant.  EVER.

11.  I run.  Not because someone is chasing me, but because I can.  I never ever ever thought I would do that.

12.  I am getting stronger and actually can feel a few muscles underneath my body parts.

13.  I enjoy working out and going to the gym and running.  It is a habit.  A good one.

14.  I am truly beginning to redefine who I am.

This is a very short list off the top of my head of just a few of the changes I have noticed already.  It is a great list.  It will grow as I continue this journey.  I am excited to add to it.


And so it begins…. December 29, 2011

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I started the program “Nutrisystem“.  I had tried Weight Watchers before and could lose 20-30 pounds and then stall out and lose motivation.  I have done South Beach, Atkins, Cabbage Soup, you name it….I tried it.  Needless to say, there was no permanent fix, and the most I had ever lost was about 35-40 pounds.

Nutrisystem works for me.  I am learning portion control, healthy choices, and it is EASY.  I also am an advocate of chocolate, and am able to have at least one thing with chocolate in it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I started logging my measurements and my weight on August 7, 2011.


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