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Join My DietBet!!! June 24, 2014

I am going to need accountability and motivation after my vacation!  Join in with me!

Cost $25 per player

Begins 7/20/2014

Ends 8/17/2014

Here is the link to my game!

How much can we lose together????


2 Responses to “Join My DietBet!!!”

  1. Cindi Cole Says:

    I would love to join your game…but I may soon be playing… “How far can you go on your new knees”. My ortho guys are the workers comp guys… So I have an appt with Schilken on Tuesday..also, I decided to take next week off…vacation. If I can have worker comp pay for everything…why wait! My knees are killing me, and the right one has some spots that I can’t even feel.. Go figure…maybe this is God’s direction for me…maybe my falling was a blessing in disguise. I hope you win!! $21,000 is a shitload of money!!! ( I was sooo hot when I got home that I made some snow cones..and I may have added some alcohol , like tiquela and peach schnapps to it!!). Yea me!!

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  2. Cindi Cole Says:

    And you know what you should do…..Dolly Parton lost all her weight with the 3 bite diet….she only takes 3 bites of no matter what she eats and she still sticks to that diet…and she looks great, so don’t deny yourself anything…just take 3 bites!

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