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Don’t Forget About Non-Scale Victories June 4, 2014

non scale

Sometimes when the scale seems to be slowing down as it has for me lately, I need to remind myself of changes that are not necessarily being  represented by the numbers on the scale.  These non-scale victories are what keeps me motivated and encouraged.   Here are some  that I have experienced as of lately:

1.  I bought new underware….at Victoria’s Secret.  They are not even the biggest size that they carry.  That was huge for me, I used to not even be able to step into that place.

2.  I shopped last week and bought some things from H&M, once again not the biggest size they carry, and they are cute, trendy things that I have  been dying to buy.

3.  I am out of plus sizes for just about everything now. I even fit into a size 14 jean jacket, which I bought of course 🙂

4.  I used to be able to do 5 minutes on the stair treadmill (see stair “dread”mill post here).  I can now do 20.  I still hate it and I still want to die, but I can do it.

5.  I have increased my weight in every single one of my weight lifting exercises.  That makes me feel pretty damn badass, especially when I am doing weights that are as heavy as some of the men at the gym.

6.  My endurance is definitely increasing.  When I began I could hardly do 5 minutes on the elliptical (see elliptical issues here).  My pace was under 3.5 mph.  I can now do interval on level 6 at a pace between 5.5 and 6 mph.

7.  I have learned how to push myself and I know now I won’t die doing it.  That is a major difference from before.  Last time I lost the weight, it took  a lot longer, mostly because once my heart rate got higher, I stopped working as hard.  Now, I am going….”balls to the wall”….every day.  Sweat dripping down my face, down my shirt, on the floor….and I LOVE IT!

8.  People tell me I am  an inspiration.  Wasn’t what I was going for,  but it has definitely helped my motivation, so now spread the word.  The more people  I feel the need to be accountable to, the better.

9.  Small thigh gap.

10.  My BMI has gone from a 49 to a 35.1.

11.  I am happier.  All the time.

12.  I am more confident.  I no longer feel like that fat girl walking into a room and  wondering what people think about me.  I feel “normal”.

13.  My kids and husband are proud of me.

14.  I don’t sweat as much when I am just doing regular things (not working out) basically because my body isn’t having to work as hard to move it around.

15.  Although the scale says I still have some more weight to lose, I can see  the light at the end of the tunnel, and I am now starting to research maintenance.  I have never felt that close to my goal before to even contemplate how to keep it off once I am done losing.  My life has been either a period of gaining or losing.  Never maintaining.

I am sure I could think of more, but this is a pretty good start.  Remember, the scale does not tell you everything about your journey.  While you are working on this new lifestyle, you are also getting stronger, healthier and learning to life in a way that will allow you to not just exist, but enjoy your life!


Progress! March 29, 2014

So, every time I think to myself….I need to update my blog….life gets in the way.  So, here is a quick update.

Still on track.  Down 58.6 pounds as of yesterday morning, undressed, before coffee, after using the bathroom (hey, gotta make every ounce count, right?)

Still using Nutrisystem, but not for dinner.  Making/ eating dinners on my own.

Going to the gym at least 5 out of 7 days a week.  Usually more.  My typical workout is 20 minutes on the elliptical (Interval setting,level  2), then 20 minutes on the Arc Trainer, and then 20 minutes weight lifting (I do a different body part or parts each day, rotating through weekly and increasing weight as I am able to do 3 sets of 12 reps easily).

People are noticing, clothes are too big, I have already gone through my closet, boxing up some clothes.  I am down from a size 26/28 to a size 18 currently.

I am still not taking many pictures.  That is my personal issue.  I am also still not seeing the difference everyone else is seeing.  I am working on that.

So, in a nutshell, that is me and my progress.  I am proud of myself, I am working really really REALLY hard.

How are you doing????


Conference Success! February 27, 2014

Conferences.  Not just a time to learn and kibitz with fellow professionals, but also a time to eat like crazy and drink in excess.  I have to admit I was nervous.  Three days away from my house, away from my comfort zone, away from my go-to foods and safety net.

So I planned.  I packed foods I knew I could eat.  I packed my Nutrisystem foods that did not have to be heated in the microwave.  I also packed snacks that I knew I could eat.

Night one one was a big dinner.  Buffet, even worse.  Thank goodness there were a ton of grilled vegetables and fish.  I filled my plate with the veggies and took two small pieces of fish.  Then came dessert.  This they placed in front of each of us.  Espresso chip ice cream and a cannoli.  Lord help me.  This was dangerous. Flashing red lights. Did I want it? Hell yeah I did. Did I like the fact that I left home that day having lost 46 pounds even more.  Most definitely.  So I had a small spoon of the ice cream and an even smaller spoonful of the cannoli cream. I pushed it away and gave it to my pregnant co-worker.  Success!

Next day, success nice again.  I managed to tackle a Mexican lunch buffet with veggies for a salad and two small pieces of pork.

I went to the hotel gym too.

That at night I allowed myself a treat, a Lebanese restaurant that has healthy choices.  It was delicious. My co-workers went out and ate, I chose to be selfish and not go with them.  I’m allowing myself this selfishness in order to attain my goals. This is about me this time. No one else.

Came me home the next day feeling pretty damn proud of myself.

Best part if the whole conference…..I lost 1.5 pounds 🙂

It can be done. You just have to want it bad enough.


What Am I Eating? January 2, 2014

As many of you know, and as I have said before, I am using Nutrisystem as my primary means of food. It worked two years ago, the food is actually really good and easy to make, and so it was an easy choice to go back to again. They provide you with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a dessert daily. However, you need to add in veggies (lots of them), power fuels (proteins) and smart carbs as well as drinking a ton of water. So I thought I’d share some of my main “go to” foods that are yummy and easy. Remember, mom of two teenagers here, who is also a middle school principal and in doctorate school….I NEED….wait…..I REQUIRE easy when it comes to food or else drive through here I come….

Yoplait light yogurt – I’m typically not a fan of the Greek yogurt the world seems to have gone crazy over, so I do the light….but I’m trying out some of yoplait’s Greek yogurts and it’s not too bad.

Baby carrots and hummus – Love hummus! It’s easy and great with carrots and makes a quick snack while I’m at work.

Fizzy” water as I call it (carbonated flavored waters) – Sparkling Ice is my favorite, but our local Giant Eagle makes a good brand too. Much better than plain water or when you are MIO’ed out.

Edamame – my new favorite snack, and I am seeing it around more and more. In the pod with some sea salt sprinkled over it, or shelled and roasted in the oven until they turn golden brown. Yum!

These are just a few of my go-to’s. I switch them up when I get bored. I like trying new foods and am always reading what other people eat to stay full, healthy, and happy.

Let me know if you like any of these too and if any are new and you try them out, how do you like them?!


Back at it! December 15, 2013

I know it’s been a little while, but I wanted to check in and let you know I am doing very very well. It took me a little to totally commit but I am back at it and going strong. As of today, I am down 21 pounds from when I began watching again. Nutrisystem is my plan of choice, it fits in well with my lifestyle and my busy days and evenings at work and home.

I also rejoined my gym, Planet Fitness. This is the only gym I have felt like I truly belong. There are people older and younger them me, skinnier and heavier. No one is in those damn sports bras with skin tight little running pants….and most of the guys are simply there to maintain not become beastly animal-like weight lifters.

The biggest effect of all is my improvement in mood. It also helps that my job hasn’t been overly stressful lately, but at least now I feel like I have an outlet again. My biggest question is….why can’t I just do this all the time??

The holidays will be stressful, and I do find myself being less social while I am working hard core on losing. I did not go to a holiday party last night mostly because of all the food and drinks I would be faced with (and the weather was going to be crappy)….and I know I can’t live that way, but for right now…..this is what helps me keep on track.

This afternoon my son and I are treating ourselves to a sushi dinner 🙂


The Post I Have Been Dreading October 12, 2013

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So here it is….over a year since I have posted and a lot has happened. First and foremost, I fell off the weight loss wagon. I’ve gained all of my weight back and then some. I’m depressed, sad, embarrassed, disgusted, and overall just afraid. Afraid of failing again, afraid of having to live in this body forever, afraid of disappointing the people around me again, and afraid of disappointing myself.
I have realized a few things over this past year. One, I was much happier when I lost the weight. Two, I have a very screwed up body image of myself. I look in the mirror and see myself thinner than I really am, yet when I see photographs of myself, I am able to see how I really look. After I lost the near 80 pounds, I saw photos of myself and was disgusted. I still saw myself as morbidly obese even though I knew I wasn’t. I still saw every lump and bump that my body held on to and not how far I had come. So I gave up. Figured if I still looked this terrible, I might as well give in to the food and at least find my happiness in that. That’s when it happened, and in the course of a year, the weight was back on.
Food is an addiction. It’s my drug. Yet if someone is an alcoholic or a drug addict, they simply have to stop all contact with that drug. I cannot. People with food addictions cannot. It is just as dangerous and just as slow of a death as any other drug, yet is is not seen as this to the outside world. If it was, there would be many more support groups for food addicts in the world.
I’m going to try again. I want the old Lisa back, I want to be happy, feel good, make people proud of me. I even went as far as starting doctor appointments for gastric bypass surgery, but realized that was not the answer. That is a quick fix, but if you are not dealing with the addiction, the weight will come back again.
I am starting Nutrisystem again, and I made an appointment with a therapist to help me with the mental part of conquering this addiction. I am asking for prayers if you are a praying person, positive thoughts, and understanding as I once again begin this journey into redefining who I am and who I am meant to be.
I am still a middle school principal with two teenagers and a husband all of whom I love more than life itself. I am also in my second year of doctorate school and working on classes and writing my dissertation. My life is busy. It is full. It is very stressful. I am overwhelmed and find myself simply shutting down when I have free time instead of walking, or eating healthy. The easy way out is just that, easy. But it is not making me happy. I want happy. I need happy. I miss happy.
So here I go again. Trying my best to overcome this addiction while still needing food in my life. I’m scared, but I’m ready. It’s time.


I Lost a Kenzie!! March 18, 2012

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We have been waiting and waiting! It finally happened!! I lost a Kenzie!!
Kenzie is my daughter and weighs 73 pounds. As of this morning I have lost 74.4 pounds 🙂
So this picture is me holding what I have lost. Notice my knees bending and my back arching. She was heavy!! And that was only after holding her for 30 seconds or do. Imagine walking around with her all the time! No wonder I couldn’t do anything physical and was tired all the time and basically felt like crap!! I was carrying around a Kenzie!!
Enjoy the picture, we enjoyed taking it! What a milestone!!!



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